The Importance of a Logic Model When Applying for Grants

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The logic model is an essential tool for grant writers. It is a 1-page visual description of the important elements of a program: resources, activities, outputs and outcomes.

It assists with the design and evaluation of programs. An effective one can readily communicate to funders what a program is and is not, and how the program is expected to work.

Wednesday, October 30th
11:00 am – Noon, EST

REGISTER for a free webinar explaining this powerful approach with James Pann, Ph.D., sponsored by the Center for Social Change.

During the webinar we will cover:

  • Steps to develop a logic model
  • Use of logic models for brainstorming during program design
  • Use of logic models to identify funding opportunities
  • How logic models can be used to strengthen grant applications
  • Logic models as communication tools
  • Ask me anything about logic models, program design and evaluation

I will also share a logic model template that you can use for grant proposals and projects.

See you then!

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