Learning from Evaluation Mistakes with Kylie Hutchinson

Kylie is the 2020 recipient of the Canadian Evaluation Society's Award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada. She has spent the past thirty years working in the not-for-profit sector as a consultant, trainer, program manager, board member, and volunteer.  There are many valuable nuggets from this video. We discuss the [...]

Empowerment Evaluation with David Fetterman, Ph.D.

In this episode, I interview David Fetterman about Empowerment Evaluation. David Fetterman introduced empowerment evaluation to the field of evaluation during his presidential address 21 years ago. Since that time it has been used in over 16 countries, ranging from corporate offices of Google and Hewlett-Packard to squatter settlements and [...]

Purpose-Driven Data Visualization with Alberto Cairo

In this episode, I interview Alberto Cairo on Purpose-Driven Data Visualization. Alberto responds to the following questions during this interview: Why is data visualization something that we should care about? What is the process you follow when attempting to understand data visualization? What is the process you follow when creating [...]

Design Thinking Approach to Survey Development with Sheila Robinson

Who doesn't need to learn more about surveys? Sheila B. Robinson talks about survey development and use from a design thinking perspective. Check out Designing Quality Survey Questions, a book she wrote with Kim Firth Leonard about the important topic. Watch the video recording of our interview here: [...]

Mindfulness-Informed Program Evaluation

I recently led a skill-building workshop titled, Integrating Mindfulness into the Practice and Use of Evaluation at the American Evaluation Association national conference in Minneapolis. We went over various mindfulness-based practices and how to use them to inform our work. It was a lot of fun and thanks to those of [...]

Want to get grants? Start with a logic model

The logic model is an essential tool for grant writers. It is a 1-page visual description of the important elements of a program: resources, activities, outputs and outcomes. It assists with the design and evaluation of programs. An effective one can readily communicate to funders what a program is and is not, and how the [...]

Ridgeline Plots, Indistractable, Why We Sleep, & Quantum Computing

Below are articles and other resources I found interesting through my work as a program evaluator, professor, and psychologist. The digests I share mostly relate to evaluation, psychology, health, and education. I also usually include a quote, book, and an event that may interest you. RESEARCH/ EVALUATION Ridgeline Plot (Yan Holtz) [...]

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AEA Conference, Logic Models and a Helpful App

The American Evaluation Association national conference in Washington D.C. was a great time to catch up with other evaluators, find out what is going on in our and related fields, and reflect on my research and evaluation work. Don’t worry, I wasn't involved in any incidents requiring an emergency [...]

Data Talks with James Pann, Episode 4: Sameet Kumar

Data Talks with James Pann, Episode 4 is with Sameet Kumar, Ph.D., a psychologist at the Memorial Cancer Institute, serving the patients of the Memorial Healthcare System in south Broward County. We focus on

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