Mindfulness-Informed Program Evaluation

I recently led a skill-building workshop titled, Integrating Mindfulness into the Practice and Use of Evaluation at the American Evaluation Association national conference in Minneapolis. We went over various mindfulness-based practices and how to use them to inform our work. It was a lot of fun and thanks to those of [...]

Want to get grants? Start with a logic model

The logic model is an essential tool for grant writers. It is a 1-page visual description of the important elements of a program: resources, activities, outputs and outcomes. It assists with the design and evaluation of programs. An effective one can readily communicate to funders what a program is and is not, and how the [...]

Ridgeline Plots, Indistractable, Why We Sleep, & Quantum Computing

Below are articles and other resources I found interesting through my work as a program evaluator, professor, and psychologist. The digests I share mostly relate to evaluation, psychology, health, and education. I also usually include a quote, book, and an event that may interest you. RESEARCH/ EVALUATION Ridgeline Plot (Yan Holtz) [...]

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AEA Conference, Logic Models and a Helpful App

The American Evaluation Association national conference in Washington D.C. was a great time to catch up with other evaluators, find out what is going on in our and related fields, and reflect on my research and evaluation work. Don’t worry, I wasn't involved in any incidents requiring an emergency [...]

Data Talks with James Pann, Episode 4: Sameet Kumar

Data Talks with James Pann, Episode 4 is with Sameet Kumar, Ph.D., a psychologist at the Memorial Cancer Institute, serving the patients of the Memorial Healthcare System in south Broward County. We focus on

Data Talks with James Pann, Episode 3: Mike Silver

Data Talks explores how people from a wide variety of disciplines use data to make professional and personal decisions. In this episode we talk with Mike Silver, who is principal of Baron Silver Stevens Financial Advisors

Video: What’s the Difference Between a Research Problem and a Clinical Problem?

Many graduate and other students confuse the terms "clinical problem" and "research problem." It is understandable but they are not one and the same. There is an important distinction that has practical implications for people interested in engaging in research.

Take Home Lessons from #EVAL13

The American Evaluation Association national conference in Washington D.C. just wrapped up last week. It is the largest annual evaluation focused event with about 3,000 evaluators this year. It was an enlightening experience for me and left me wondering why I don't go every year.

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