Ending Dusty Shelf Reports with Ann K. Emery

Ann K. Emery at Depict Data Studio helps people and organizations visualize data more effectively. This interview covers key evaluation and research reporting strategies, techniques, and resources. Ann is well-known in the evaluation world and beyond. She has been invited to speak in more than 30 states and 10 countries, more than 3,200 people have enrolled in her online training academy, and she has consulted more than 150 organizations, including the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Harvard University.


In this discussion, we talk about:

– Why Ann loves data visualization and reporting

– Reasons evaluators should be concerning about data visualization and reporting

– Resources someone just starting out in evaluation (and others) can use to get proficient in data visualization. This includes Ann’s free course: Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report

– Using a DataViz Wall of Fame

– Techniques for engaging project stakeholders in the reporting process. She co-authored an article on using Data Placemats that is available here

– Common mistakes she sees evaluators make with their reports

– How Ann obtains helpful feedback regarding her work

– Her inspiration for developing blog posts

– Books that Ann recommends

– How she structures her day/week to enhance productivity




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