Maximizing Survey Response Rate

Maximize Your Survey Response Rates: Expert Insights from Sheila Robinson

In this podcast episode, James Pann, Ph.D., interviews Sheila Robinson, Ed.D., about the topic of surveys and response rates. We focus on the significance of response rates in surveys and the steps that can be taken to maximize them. Sheila is a career educator and professional learning designer with experience in K-12 public education and

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David Victorson How Nature and Mindfulness Help Cancer Survivors podcast cover

Young Adult Cancer Survivors Increase Mindfulness and Connection During Nature Treks with David Victorson

James Pann, Ph.D., interviews David Victorson, Ph.D., of True North Treks, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower young adults and caregivers affected by cancer to “find direction through connection” and mindfulness. As a child, David grew up surrounded by nature and its many restorative benefits. Therefore, when he went on to complete his

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The CIPP Evaluation Framework podcast episode with Guili Zhang

The CIPP Evaluation Framework with Guili Zhang

James Pann interviews Guili Zhang about the Context, Input, Process, and Product (CIPP) evaluation model and other evaluation related areas. Dr. Zhang is Department Chair and Professor of Research and Evaluation at East Carolina University. She received a Ph.D. in Research and Evaluation Methodology from the University of Florida and postdoctoral advanced training in large

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What is the difference between research and evaluation EvalNetwork Podcast Interview with Dana Wanzer

What’s the difference between research and evaluation? with Dana Wanzer

The difference between research and evaluation, the pros and cons of professionalization, the definition of evaluation, and other evaluation related topics with Dana Wanzer, Ph.D., interviewed by James Pann, Ph.D. Dana is an assistant professor of psychology in evaluation in the psychology department at the University of Wisconsin at Stout. Dana teaches evaluation courses to

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Importance of How We Define Evaluation with Amy Gullickson

The Importance of How We Define Evaluation with Amy Gullickson

In this interview, I speak with Amy Gullickson, acting Co-Director and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Program Evaluation at Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She is also Chair of the International Society for Evaluation Education. We talk about what is the best definition of evaluation and why it is important to have a clear definition. Amy

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Evaluative Thinking in Evaluation, Organizations and Society with Thomas Archibald

Evaluative Thinking with Thomas Archibald

Thomas Archibald, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech. His practice and research are focused primarily on program evaluation and evaluation capacity building. He serves as the Chief of Party/Director of the Feed the Future Senegal Youth in Agriculture project, funded by

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