Utilization-Focused Evaluation with Michael Quinn Patton

Utilization-Focused Evaluation with Michael Quinn Patton

“What don’t you know, that if you did know, would make a difference to what you do.”

The importance of good questions and careful thought with Michael Quinn Patton, Ph.D.

Michael Quinn Patton is the Founder and CEO of Utilization-Focused Evaluation, an independent organizational development and program evaluation organization. He has authored numerous books on evaluation, including Blue Marble Evaluation (2019), Principles-Focused Evaluation (2018), Facilitating Evaluation (2018), Developmental Evaluation (2010) and Utilization-Focused Evaluation (2008).


0:00 – Introduction
2:10 – Definition of Utilization-Focused Evaluation (U-FE)
4:11 – How Developmental Evaluation, Principles-Focused Evaluation, and Blue Marble Evaluation fit in with U-FE
7:44 – What’s emphasized in U-FE that is not in other evaluation approaches
10:03 – How U-FE can be used in conjunction with other evaluation models
11:49 – Specific strategies and tactics for engaging project stakeholders in an evaluation
15:00 – Lessons from social sciences research literature that inform Michael’s evaluation work
17:35 – Common things that evaluators think they already know, but often don’t
18:45 – Best way to really learn how to do evaluations and recommendations for students and beginning evaluators
23:36 – Relationship between mindfulness and evaluation
26:52 – Resources to obtain familiarity with using U-FE
28:13 – Books that Michael likes to give as gifts
31:04 – How to connect with Michael


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