How to Determine the Impact of Your Mindfulness Program

Measuring the Impact of a Mindfulness Program

Determining the Impact of Mindfulness Programs Organizations are under pressure to demonstrate the impact of the resources they devote to the implementation of mindfulness and other wellness programs. In the video, I cover the use of practical applied research and evaluation tools, including the program logic model, to determine the impact of mindfulness programs. Logic

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Exponential Technology Curve

How Can Nonprofits Harness the Power of Exponential Technologies, Including Artificial Intelligence?

Exponential technologies are innovations that facilitate change resulting in improved performance and cost reductions at an accelerating pace. These include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, quantum computing, robotics, and other emerging technologies that will immensely impact us in the coming years. The image above shows the exponential growth in the number of transistors that can be

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What's the difference between a research problem and a clinical problem

What’s the Difference Between a Research Problem and a Clinical Problem?

Clinical Problem Versus Research Problem Many people confuse the terms “clinical problem” and “research problem.” That’s understandable but they are not one and the same. There is an important distinction that has practical implications for those interested in engaging in research. In the video below I review this in detail and provide an example. Clinical

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Using AI for Mindfulness and Evaluation Practice

Using AI to Improve Mindfulness and Evaluation Practice

I’ve written and talked before about how the work of evaluators can be supported through mindfulness practice. Well, would you believe it if I said that mindfulness can be indirectly enhanced through the use of an artificial intelligence technology? Let me explain how. Also, see the video below. GPT-3 Generative Pre-trained Transformer – 3 (GPT-3)

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Mechanisms of Mindfulness

Research has increased our understanding about how mindfulness based programs have their impact on people, or what is referred to as the mechanisms of mindfulness. Also, delaying school start times can provide adolescents, many of whom have significant sleep deficits, with much needed sleep resulting in many positive outcomes. In this post I wanted to share

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Mindfulness-Informed Program Evaluation

I recently led a skill-building workshop titled, Integrating Mindfulness into the Practice and Use of Evaluation at the American Evaluation Association national conference in Minneapolis. We went over various mindfulness-based practices and how to use them to inform our work. It was a lot of fun and thanks to those of you who attended.  

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