Who We Are and What We Do

EvalNetwork is a program evaluation and research consulting firm specializing in working with health and human service organizations and grant making entities. Since EvalNetwork was incorporated in Florida in 2000 we have worked on a wide variety of projects, including substance-abuse treatment and prevention, obesity prevention, and afterschool programs, with organizations of all sizes.

EvalNetwork has been the evaluator or research partner on projects funded by federal and local government as well as national and local foundations implemented throughout the state of Florida, New York, North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi.

EvalNetwork’s leadership consists of experienced evaluators, who are active in research and evaluation organizations such as the American Evaluation Association (AEA). EvalNetwork senior staff all have an affiliation with a university and maintain currency with state-of-the-art research and evaluation methodologies.

EvalNetwork follows AEA’s Guiding Principles for Evaluators as a beacon for how we plan and implement projects. These principles include: (1) systematic inquiry; (2) competence; integrity and honesty; (3) respect for people; and (4) responsibilities for general and public welfare.

We use a variety of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches to address the research and evaluation questions identified for our project. In the quantitative domain, we utilize various descriptive, correlational, and comparative designs.

EvalNetwork uses a variety of experimental and quasi-experimental approaches in terms of causal-comparative quantitative methodologies. On the qualitative side, we utilize grounded theory, case study, and phenomenological methodologies. Finally, with respect to mixed-methods research, EvalNetwork uses a variety of concurrent and sequential designs.