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Program Evaluation

  • Improve the effectiveness of your organization’s initiatives
  • Strengthen organizational practices and outcomes

Applied Research

  • Use quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research to gain insight into key issues
  • Improve strategic planning and operations

Who We Are

EvalNetwork is a program evaluation and research consulting firm specializing in working with health, human service, and educational organizations and grant making entities. Since EvalNetwork was incorporated in Miami, Florida in 2000 we have worked as program evaluator or research partner on a wide variety of projects funded by the federal and local governments as well as foundations.

Content areas included substance-abuse treatment and prevention, obesity prevention, health promotion, domestic violence and drug courts, out-of-school programs, and educational programs. We have collaborated with organizations throughout the state of Florida, New York, North Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi. Contact us at inquiry@evalnetwork.com.

Our Services

Logic Modeling

We develop logic models with organizations for program and strategic planning as well as program evaluation. A logic model is a one-page visual document that shows the link between inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes of an initiative or effort.

Survey Development

Surveys can be used to collect meaningful information about participants and to assess change on targeted outcomes. We follow a systematic and scientifically-based process for developing surveys to help ensure that findings can be trusted.

Focus Groups & Interviewing

Through focus groups or interviews we collect in-depth information about specific aspects of projects that are of interest. For example, these qualitative techniques can be used to obtain insight into the experiences of participants and to understand how programs can best achieve their goals.

Mixed Method Research

In evaluation projects is it often helpful to use both quantitative and qualitative approaches in combination to obtain more comprehensive answers to evaluation questions.

Evaluation Videos

EvalNetwork creates evaluation and program summaries in a video format to make information about projects more accessible, in order to reach a broader audience.  Video are professionally designed and produced.

View the visual program evaluation report we developed for Bridging Families and Communities in Miami, FL.

Evaluation Reports

We develop technical reports to provide feedback and suggestions to the programs that we evaluate and research. Products such as One-Page and Executive Summaries are employed to encourage utilization of findings.

Quantitative Data Analysis

Advanced quantitative data analysis techniques are used to obtain an understanding of your project. A multitude of evaluation questions can be addressed utilizing descriptive and inferential statistics. For example, “Did our participants benefit from their participation in the project?”

Qualitative Data Analysis

We use specialized scientific techniques for extracting meaning from open-ended data sources, such as interviews and focus groups, to obtain insight into aspects of an organization’s efforts. This key component of qualitative research is used, for example, to get a thorough understanding of participants’ experience of a program or to elucidate how a project achieves its outcomes.

Recent Projects

Health Foundation of South Florida

Health Eating Active Communities Initiative Program Evaluation

YMCA of Greater Miami

Evaluation of 21st Century Community Learning Centers Afterschool Program

Florida Certification Board

Survey of Health Professionals to Determine Substance Abuse Related Training Needs

Bridging Families and Communities

Program Evaluation of System of Care for Families Impacted by High Conflict Divorce or Domestic Violence

Centro Mater Child Care Services, Inc.

Grant Writing

Women’s Breast and Heart Initiative

Evaluation of Community-Based Breast and Heart Health Program

Talent Development Network

Evaluation of Higher Education Internship Program to Retain Talent in Miami

Center for Translational Research, University of Miami

Creation of Video Evaluation Report